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Start and Grow your business in Greece, with the most reliable BPO Partner, recently won 8 awards at the Accounting Awards 2022 and awarded as the Consulting Company of the Year!
Furthermore, awarded as the Accounting Services Expert in Greece at The Leaders in Law Global Awards 2021
Also twice by the Accounting Awards 2020!
Winner Award as Top Historical Tax – Accounting & Consulting Company in Greece.
Silver Award as Leading Tax – Accounting & Consulting Ambassador of Greece.
Atlas Consulting is a second generation Tax – Accounting and Consulting firm that works as a One Stop Business Center, providing high quality and of great value Solutions and Services.
Since 1972, we have been making you feel at home,
And that’s because we know how it is to live, work and do business in a foreign country, what are the challenges, the difficulties or issues that have to be addressed. We bridge all of them in a most holistic approach with our High Quality Solutions and Services provided by our Experienced Team of Tax Advisors, Lawyers, Accountants and Business Consultants.
For SMEs: We help you start and run your business providing reliable BPO Solutions: Company Formation, Tax, Accounting, Legal, Payroll, Business and Immigration Solutions under one roof and we help you overcome the rapidly increasing complexity of the Greek Tax/Business environment. 
For Private Clients: We help you so as to be compliant with Greek Tax, Property and Employment regulations and also to settle all your Immigration issues/Residence Permits/Greek Citizenship.
We are here to help you with our team of Greek Accountants, Greek Payroll Accountants, Greek Tax Consultants, Greek Lawyers with International Experience and Expertise providing Modern BPO Solutions: Company Formation, Tax, Accounting, Legal, Immigration and Business Solutions under one roof for SMEs and Private Clients.

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Atlas Consulting

Atlas Consulting is a competent Tax-Accounting, Financial and Consulting Company that provides reliable One Stop Tax and Business Solutions to SMEs and individuals, with an emphasis on Company Incorporation, Tax-Accounting, International Tax Planning, Legal and Immigration Strategies.

Our goal is to cover holistically the needs of a SME business and also to protect you, your family and your wealth from bureaucracy and overwhelming tax burdens. 

Clients from all over the world engage us because we combine a strong understanding of their personal needs, their business and economic environments with specialised tax & business knowledge in numerous jurisdictions across the globe.


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Why to choose Atlas Consulting?

48 Years Market Experience
…5 decades of continuous market presence is in fact the proof of highly professional experience and market reliability.
We are business people too
…we communicate effectively with our clients, knowing and understanding their needs because we are businesspeople too.
No Business Borders
...we use modern smart technologies and tools in order to provide our services remotely to any client from Greece or wherever around the Globe.
Exceptional Customer Service
..a highly nimble and effective approach to giving our clients the services they need promptly and genuinely.
Trusted Advisors
…we nurture our professional relationships with trust, humanity and empathy as well as integrity and confidentiality.
International Network
… we are Trusted Members of International Networks of Tax Accountant and Business Incorporation Agents.
Value for money
…Our pricing is fair and reasonable & our team is committed to providing you quality, timely service that exceeds your expectations.
One Stop Solutions
…we support holistically the modern SMEs companies, providing turnkey and integrated services.
Atlas Consulting
Foreign people – Expats
...who live, work, do business in Greece!
Foreign Investors
...intending to establish a branch or a new company!
Foreign companies
...that their transactions fall within the VAT regulations.
Greek People – Expats
...that work, live and do business abroad!
Market Entry Strategy
Company Incorporation
Corporate Tax Residence
Accounting Bookkeeping
Bank Account Opening
Tax Consulting Tax Filings
Local Representation
Payroll & HR
Start your business
You can now start your business in Greece easily and effortlessly!
Run your business
Run your business in Greece without worrying of any of these hassles!
Manage your business
We help SMES companies to manage their business more effectively!
Market your business
We help you to make your business, a recognisable Brand!
Grow your business
We help you to run your business profitably in Greece!
Exit your business
We help you to exit your business from Greece.
Hospitality & Tourism
Greece is a leading global tourism destination the number of tourism visits over the last decade has shown a steady increase.
ICT & Technology
High quality staff and low operational costs drived Tesla to set their R & D hub in Greece. Global Technology business could benefit too!
Logistics & Transportation
Investing in logistics could be beneficial as it stands on the crossroad of 3 continents. Greece is a strategic node for transportation!
Food & Agriculture
Greek food and agriculture has traditionally been one of the major export sectors for Greece, with a strong global presence!
Biotech & Pharmaceuticals
Highly-skilled workforce, R&D and manufacturing capability, Life Science industry exhibits significant growth potential!
Renewable Energy
Investing in Energy ((wind, hydro, biomass, geothermal, solar & solar thermal) could be of great ROI due to Greece's great location!
Real Estate Properties
Real Estate is a booming sector that foreign business people choose to invest because of the direct access to golden visas!
Corporate Real Estate
Corporate Real Estate is the sector that really is a value for money investment in Greece. Buy a property and do business with it!
Greece is a beautiful country and her geopolitical position makes an attractive destination for business, tourism and elderly people relocation.
We provide a Full Spectrum of Support, from Consultancy to Visa Application and Residence Permit Application!
Do you know that the Golden Visa Program is not the only way to get a Long Stay Permit in Greece?
Visa Application
After Residence Permit Support
Residence Permit Application
6 Continents
65 Countries
98 Offices
1315 Experts
They say About Us 
Skyrent P.C.

My experience with Atlas Consulting started several months before the incorporation of Skyrent company in Thessaloniki. While Skyrent was just a business project, I was keen to find the best consulting firm for the development of this project. You should know that I do not have my residence in Greece and I do not speak Greek.

After spending some time looking into business directories and on the Internet, I came across Atlas Consulting website. My first good surprise was to discover a website written in English. My second good surprise was to discover Sousana and George. From the first contact I realized that I was talking to professional specialists with high-level expertise.

Sousana and George accompanied me throughout the development of my business project, from the very first step to the last one. They answered all my questions with patience and professionalism. Whether in their office, on the phone, by email or on Skype, they have always been available.Thanks to their effective guidance and support, Skyrent is now a reality.

I recommend Atlas Consulting without reservation to local and foreign entrepreneurs looking for sound advice and efficient support to business creation in Greece.

For the foreigners that have a limited knowledge of greek language and by far limited understanding of the Greex Taxation Law, A.TL.AS  Consulting people are for sure, the moste suitable people to take care of all our tax matters and our annual tax returns.

They have deep knowledge and expertise for international tax planning issues as well as they are able to give us solutions in order to protect our greek property. They are bringing results accurately, immediately and consistently as they speak fluently english, and they transform the frightening tax procedures into an easy and fast solutions for a foreigner . I have no words to express as much as I want, how precious and  useful they are. I strongly recommend A.TL.AS Consulting team!

It is quite demanding for a foreigner to understand the complexity of the Greek Tax System. A.TL.AS Consulting offered me a very smooth and gentle experience regarding my tax obligations in Greece. All the problems that Ι had faced, were solved accurately and effectively.

Healy Consultants Group
Arena Group Testimonial
Elisabeth Werter
EU Ambassador of Female Entrepreneurship/Owner of Salonika International Consultancy

Sousana and Georgos Kalfas are the heart of their company Atlas Consulting. Both are dedicated professionals with different and excellent skills and they have helped my company with valuable advice. Their knowledge is not only updated on the Greek changing reality but also on European tax legislation. They really have helped me with finding the best solutions and informing me well ahead on issues that concern my business.

Furthermore I had the pleasure to work with them as president of the Non-for-Profit organization “The Dutch Greek Society of Northern Greece”. Also in this case both helped at a brainstorm session to solve tax issues concerning the organization of a voluntary workshop.

Last but not least they have the excellent quality of a personal touch and to exceed your expectations.

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