Tax seat Services

You can now establish your company in Greece without renting any business property for your presence in the country, avoiding also all the other operating costs (electricity, water, telephone, Internet, etc.).

Tax seat

This service is a flexible solution and is provided to service providers, freelancers, solopreneurs and startups. You can start your company in Greece with a really low cost!

Tax Seat Services includes:

• Tax seat

• Legal address

• Mailbox

Those services are offered in Athens and in Thessaloniki!

Virtual Office

The virtual office is a flexible solution for a company for which the existence of a physical office is not necessary or whose office is not located in Greece but a business address is needed.

Virtual office Services includes:

• Legal Address

• Mailbox

• Mail management( if needed)

Those services are offered in Athens and in Thessaloniki!

Working spaces

You can make your appointments, your meeting and you can organise your seminars or workshops in a very friendly environment, fully equiped and a very cost efficient way.

Working Spaces Services includes:

Open space one off or monthly

Meeting Rooms

Seminar Rooms

Those services are provided in Athens and Thessaloniki.

We are an One Stop Shop for Company Formations!

Business Concierge Services

Combining our Tax Seat Services with the Company Formation Services you can enjoy an integrated solution for your company formation and also your tax-accounting support.

One stop shop for company formation in Greece

Our clients are from all over the world!

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