Sousana Patsoumi-Kalfas

Sousana Patsoumi-Kalfa

Chief Value Officer

Certified Tax Accountant

Business Strategist & Financial Consultant

Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur


Sousana is the Chief Value Officer of Atlas Consulting and also Certified Tax Accountant and Certified Financial Consultant. She is also a Speaker, Author, a Visionary & Experienced Business Strategist & Consultant. She has been fostering and building businesses for almost 20 years. Her Masters from Essex has stood her in good stead to advise businesses on an international scale yet it is her natural flair for nurturing that has been key to her success.

Sousana approaches business holistically and organically, breathing life then guiding the first steps until it truly runs on its own legs. Sousana’s business consultancy guides SMEs through financial planning, business modelling, corporate planning, business development and culture development so that they can get on with doing business. She helps startups & established companies to grow, innovate and sustain.

– She is managing a second generation company, A.TL.AS Consulting with her husband,Giorgos Kalfas

– She is specialised in Corporate Strategy, Corporate Planning, Business Modelling.

– She is an active member of Greek startup ecosystem and she guides teams in order to transform their startup/ venture ideas into viable businesses.

– In 2013, she established AtlasHUB, the Small Business Growth Hub

– In 2015, she established Atlas Learning Lab, an Online Small Business School

Her Specialties:

Business Development & Growth | International Business Development

Core Competencies & Skills:

Finance and Business acumen

Clear strategic mindset

Proven leadership skills at a high level

Ability to communicate, present and negotiate at all levels

Innovation and creativity

Marketing and product development skills

Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Project management skills, problem solving, organizational and planning skills


Work Experience


  • Chief Value Officer at ATLAS Consulting P.C.

January 2004 – Present

Main Responsibilities:

-Responsible for heading up their expansion in new markets as well as continued expansion among

existing clients

-Building relationships with existing clients in an attempt to increase their current spend

-Plan approaches and pitches

-Build relationships with new clients

-Present new products and services and enhance existing relationships

-Drive peak performance and sales success across the organization

-Create, negotiate and close commercial agreements

-Devise and implement the strategy for meeting sales performance targets


  • Financial Consultant-Cer.Tax Accountant- Business Strategist- at ATLAS Consulting P.C.

January 2004 – Present


Certified Tax Accountant – Financial Consultant

I am a Certified Tax Accountant and I am the part of Atlas Financial Team. I assess our clients’ financial situation and also I develop financial strategies by guiding our client to establish financial goals; matching goals to situation with appropriate financial plans. I also Monitor our clients’ financial situation by tracking changes in wealth and life circumstances; analyzing financial plan results; identifying and evaluating new financial strategies; recommending changes in goals and plans.


Business Strategist:

I support startups & established companies to identify and validate high potential business opportunities for stakeholders and develop customized business strategies that are aligned with corporate strategic objectives. I support companies to align their corporate vision and scope with the development of differentiated value propositions and core go-to-market strategies as well as preparation of revenue models and financial analyses.


Business Consultant – Business Coach:

I support SME’S and guides them in developing, starting, and growing their business. I help them clarify their business goals and objectives and help them develop the skills and acquire the resources needed to operate a successful enterprise. I meet with my clients on a regular basis, either in person or over the telephone, to discuss the current and future business issues you are facing. This structure keeps them and their business on the track they have set — continuously moving forward toward your goals and objectives. The results are that they experience clarity of what success means to them, and the means to create success.


  • Founder & CEO | Trainer – Αtlas Learning Lab

September 2015 – Present

Atlas Learning Lab is a spinout of Atlas Consulting PC that aims to provide high quality Training (Seminar, Webinars, Workshops) and Tools in order to enhance business and professional skills of the Small Business Entrepreneurs.


  • Founder & CEO – AtlasHub: The Business Growth Hub

January 2014 – Present

AtlasHub is a spinout company of Atlas Consulting.AtlasHub is an innovative business initiative that took place in the beginning of 2014 by establishing the The Business Growth Hub as an extension of Atlas Consulting’s business ventures.

We focus in 2  basic fields: Professional Growth for Executive and Business People  and

Business Growth for SMEs


  • Business Coach- Guide- Member of the Founding team at Innovation Farm EU

November 2011 – March 2014


Innovation Farm is a team of people dedicated to building Innovative practices, services and products for individuals, businesses and organizations. In that perspective we create or optimize concepts, match-make investors and inventors, help companies build innovation culture or transform their business model.

We ran the first Acceleration Program, StageOne in Thessaloniki.

STAGE ONE was a practical introduction to the planning, formation, and realization of a Pre-Seed Entrepreneurial Venture. The acceleration process is organized by Innovation Farm and run in cooperation with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (IEU) of the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki.

The program is an initial step in the process of making and running a Startup – beginning with the conception and incubation of an innovative business idea and working it through to a complete and promising concept, for pitching to possible investors


  • Mentor/ Coach at Startup Live Thessaloniki

May 2014 – May 2014

I took part in the international startup contest as a mentor/ coach.


Startup Live is a three-day startup event that provides networking, resources and incentives for individuals and teams to go from idea to launch in just one weekend. The event brings together the local startup community with other European entrepreneurs and enables the participants to connect with experienced entrepreneurs, experts and investors. As such It doesn’t serve as a singular happening but is the beginning of a great journey to build up a local startup ecosystem that helps and supports existing and future entrepreneurs. It was a great experience that both me and the teams I coached, enjoyed.


  • Treasurer-Member of the Executive Board at TOWER NonProfit Organisation

January 2011 – January 2012


Tower (Thessaloniki Organisation for Women’s Employment and Resources) is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit network of women focusing on career development for the foreign woman in Greece. Women from every country are welcome as members.

Apart from attracting the interest of the target community, Tower has also served as a mouthpiece for female foreign immigrants living in Greece at international conferences on immigration in Vienna and Athens.


  • Professor in Personal and Professional Development at North College Ltd

September 2005 – September 2007


Professor for Bachelor and Master Degrees in Management and Business Studies specialized in Business Administration and Professional Development


  • Certified Tax Accountant | Business Consultant at Integrated Accounting Services

January 1997 – September 2004


I have been a Certified Tax Accountant and Business Consultant as part of my family business and I dealt with Strategic Accounting, Tax Planning, Budgeting, Business Consulting, including Business Planning , Business and Executive Coaching


  • Managing Director – Security Marker Representative at Dynamic Brokers SA

January 1999 – December 2001

Managing Director of the Intermediate Stock Exchange firm “Dynamic Brokers” S.A.

Security Market Representative

Main Duties:

  • Internal Control of Security Market Transactions
  • Business Administration of 2 branch offices
  • Large accounts expansion.
  • Cooperation and communication with Stock Exchange Companies


  • Managerial Accountant for Fashion Companies

January 1998 – December 1999

My main duties were:

Business Plan Compilation

Cost center determination, cost allocation,cost models, production lines

Differential analysis of costs basis.




  • University of Macedonia

BSc in Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Finance, 1992 – 1996

  • University of Essex

MA, Acounting & Financial Management, 1996 – 1997

  • Association of International Accountants (AIA)

Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards, IFRS, 2005 – 2006

  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Certificate in Coaching – AC Accredited, Communication and Media Studies, 2017 – 2018

  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Diploma in Organization and Personal Counselling (Life Coaching),



  • Certified Financial Consultant | Economic Chamber of Greece ( Cert.No.0303/066457)
  • Certified Tax Accountant | Economic Chamber of Greece (Cert.No.0065684)


Honors and Awards

  • Senior Member of Economic Chamber of Greece
  • Senior Member of Hellenic Coaching Institute
  • Member of Association for Coaching (MAC)