Elisabeth Maria Werter

Elisabeth Maria Werter

International Business Consultant – International Public Relations

EU ambassador for Female Entrepreneurship
Work experience
2018 – now



2015- 2017



2015 –  now


2014 – 2017



2012 – 2014

Fundraiser and social entrepreneurship coach for https://restovanharte.nl/


General manager of Pita Pasta a Greek gourmet fast food chain http://pitapasta.com/


Fellow at Weconomics https://weconomics.org/


Entrepreneur/General Manager – General Trade Express Ltd

Petrich Bulgaria


Mentor – Innovation Farm. EU


(accelerator for innovating technology companies)


2006 – now


Entrepreneur/General Manager – Salonica International Consultancy


(International Business advisor, mentor and coach)


1997 -2006 Entrepreneur/General Manager and vice president of supervisory board

Reliable rent a car (North East Ltd) Thessaloniki Greece

(Car rental and leasing)


1987 – 2005 Entrepreneur/General Manager and vice president of supervisory board Eurodollar rent a car (F. Michalakis S.A.) Lesvos Greece

(Car rental)


1987 – 2010 Entrepreneur/General Manager and vice president of supervisory board Panatella Holidays (F. Michalakis S.A) Lesvos Greece


(Tourism and travel agency)

Education and training
2012 Certification

3rd round table of the new generation of the professional  non–executive board of directors / supervisory board

De nieuwe Commissaris


Post Academic

2008 Accreditation

International behaviour business coaching and mentoring

CMT international


Post Academic

2006 Accreditation

Residential Business School

Institute for Independent Business


Post Academic

1985 Certification

Diplomacy and international affairs and relations

Dutch Institute of International relations Clingendale


Post Academic

1979-1985 Master of Arts

Political science and business administration; International Law; Modern History

Catholic University of Nijmegen The Netherlands



Board experience
1987-2010 Vice president of Fotios Mixalakis A.E. (S.A)
1997-2006 Vice president of North East E.P.E (Ltd)
1997-2016 President of Dutch Society of Northern Greece (NGO)
1997-2006 President of Dutch language and Cultural Society of Northern Greece (NGO)
1997-now Treasurer of Confederation of international and ethnic women’s Association of Thessalonica (NGO)
2006-2011 Treasurer of TOWER (Thessaloniki Organization of Women Employment and Recourses)
2010-2014 Board member of (ΙΑΓΜΕ-Thessaloniki) Development of Women Managers and Enterprises
2009-2014 Advisory board of mansion property development
2011-2014 Advisory board of my3P youth enterprise & innovation program
2014-2016 President of the chapter South of Netherlands for the Non executive group of supervisory board member of NDC
2015-2016 Advisor at the commission on entrepreneurship policy of VNO-NCW and SME-The Netherlands
2015 – now

2017 – now

Leader of the Working in Networks group of Amsterdam

Board member of the cooperation of female entrepreneurship in The Netherlands

2018 – now Member of supervisory board of the collective spaces of the apartment complex “Grubbehoeve” Bijlmer The Netherlands
Additional information
§    President of the Dutch-Greek Society of Northern Greece.
§    Treasurer of the Confederation of international and ethnic women’s Association of Thessalonica.
§    Leader of the Business and Tourism network of the Thessalonica organization for Women’s employment and resources.
§    Member of the International women’s organization of Greece.
§    Board member of (ΙΑΓΜΕ-Thessaloniki) Development of Women Managers and Enterprises
§    Member of ΣΕΓΕ, Federation of Women Entrepreneurs of Greece





Member and speaker of Women International Networking


Expert and moderator of Port4growth, a Dutch platform for accelerating         companies


§    President of chapter NCD of the Dutch supervisory Board of directors group in south Netherlands
§    Member of the 3rd roundtable group of the New Non-executive Board of Directors
§    Member of Dutch Knowledge Centre of the Dutch Non-executive Board of Directors
§    Member of She Speaks a network of Dutch female public speakers




Member of UnitedSucces, an international network of socially engaged female entrepreneurs


Elisabeth Werter, (MDO), has received the Enterprising Women of the Year award for 2013 from Enterprising Women magazine. This award honors women business owners who have demonstrated that they have fast-growth businesses, mentor or actively support other women and girls involved in entrepreneurship, and stand out as leaders in their communities. Many of the award recipients are also leaders in key organizations that support the growth of women’s entrepreneurship. Elisabeth Werter won in the category of a Honorable Mention. Winners were recognized at the 11th Annual Enterprising Women of the Year Awards Celebration on April 3 and 4 at the Ritz-Carlton in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Social Skills and Competences

Elisabeth is a very talented person who easily takes responsibilities and is considered a natural leader. As a CEO she has a highly developed skill of diplomacy and flexibility. She knows extremely well how to stimulate employees and mentees to get the best results and create a team spirit. The starting, growing and selling of businesses are her core experience, which she has performed in her own and clients companies. Since 2008 she has been coaching CEO’s and managers from all over the world and has written a chapter in the book: Personal DISCoverY. Turning awareness into a breakthrough moments in your life. A CMT Mentor’s Collaboration.