Market Entry Services 
Starting a new business? Extending your current operations to Greece?
You are from abroad and you want to start a New Business In Greece?
We are here to help you by providing you with Reliable Market Entry Services!

     Greek Market presents great business opportunities!

Our Market Entry team provides effective advisory services to companies entering the Greek market for the first time.

   Company Formation One Stop Service

Our professional team can help you with all your company formation and business registration requirements.                              All-encompassing services taking you through the entire company formation procedures from beginning to end while you can focus on what matters most: strategising your business development.

We Provide you with virtual business seat and tax residence!

An ideal solution for service providers , for startups, for freelancers and solopreneurs that need a cost effective solutions for tax residence or for a virtual office. 

 Taking care and Arranging your Tax- Accounting – Reporting Issues!

Spend time on what is important to your business; let our Executive Team to take care of all your petty cash records, book keeping, set-up and maintenance of accountancy packages and taxation requirements.

    Opening your Company’s Bank Accounts!

Opening a bank account in a foreign country could be complicated. We take care of all the necessary procedures in order to open your company’s bank account without hurdles.

Time is money…so we run and take care of your tax and business errands!

Focus on what is important to your business; let us help with things that may be complicated.

Branding, Marketing, Social Media

All inclusive packages on demand will transform your business idea into a recognisable company in Greece!

Finding the right staff in a foreign country could be tricky!

Spend time on what is important to your business; let us help you find the suitable staff for your business.

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