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Greece is one of the top New Renewable Resources destinations!

Greece is characterised for the rich Renewable Resources. Sun, Wind, Sea are the natural gifts that can be used for entrepreneurship. Green Entrepreneurship is very popular in Greece because of the profitable business model applied in most of the cases and of the respective ROI.

What is an Energy Community?

Energy communities are exclusive urban cooperatives through which primarily citizens (either individuals or legal entities) can operate in the energy sector, utilizing clean energy sources. The new institutional framework ensures favorable conditions for the establishment and operation of energy communities, with the aim of strengthening not only individual / family incomes, but also local entrepreneurship, the solidarity economy and the promotion of energy democracy.

What does the term energy democracy mean?

The active involvement of citizens, local government and small and medium-sized enterprises in energy production, which virtually ceases to concern a few big ‘players’. Either for reasons of environmental protection and tackling climate change or because Renewable Energy is more economically viable, the energy transition to a fossil fuel economy has begun and is irreversible.

Energy democracy ensures that the energy transition takes place in terms of social justice and with society in an active rather than a passive role.

Who can participate in an Energy Community ?

All natural and legal persons, including Local Government Organizations (LOCs). However, there are clear limitations in order to ensure the locality, but also the democracy of the procedures: at least 51% of the members must be directly related to the Region in which the Energy Community is based (be a citizen or property owner ), the minimum number of members is 5, since no member can have more than 20% of the cooperative shares (exceptions apply to local authorities and island local authorities), while regardless of the percentage, everyone participates in the general assembly with only one vote.

What an Energy Community can do?

The law describes in detail the aims and activities of energy communities, which may be for-profit or non-profit organisation.

Some typical examples include:Operation of a photovoltaic system in a building or park for virtual self-production of community members (eg households in apartment buildings, small businesses, etc.)

  • Operation of a photovoltaic park by a local government or energy provider for solar social policy
  • Operation of a wind farm by the members of the community and / or by local authorities for virtual self-production or sale of electricity in the network
  • Operation of a wind farm by the members of the community and / or by local authorities for virtual self-production or sale of electricity in the network
  • Operation of a biomass or biogas plant for energy production from the rural community and supply chain management \
  • Greenhouse operation with cogeneration unit
  • RES installation operation with energy storage system
  • Operation of desalination unit with RES

What Atlas Consulting can do for you in order to Establish and Maintain an Energy Community in Greece?

Wind and other clean, renewable energy will help end our reliance on fossil fuels and combat the severe threat that climate change poses to humans and wildlife alike.

Consulting before the Setup

Set up the Energy Community and the SPVs

Provision of the SPV's Registered Address

Tax & Accounting Compliance

Specialised Reporting & Legal Advice

Bank Account Opening

Administration & Secretarial Services

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