Are you a digital nomad? Live and work from Beautiful and Shiny Greece!

Αn end to end solution for digital nomads that want to relocate, live and work from Greece

 Consulting, Legal and Tax services – that suit to your needs!

We can help you and your family to receive a Long Term Visa and Residence Permit in Greece.

Do you know that Greece is an attractive destination for digital nomads?

According to the law 4825/2021, third country citizens that either are self employed or remotely employed by a foreign company, can apply for a visa and residence permit!

  One Stop Visa and Residency Consulting and Support
We are here to help you to acquire your short term or long term visa and residency permits!
Looking for a truly European culture and safe way of life?
Greece is ideal destination for citizens of third countries and members of their families wishing to retire in Greece or otherwise live in Greece without working.
We are your Trusted Partners and we consult you for all the legal, financial and taxation issues regarding your  immigration plan.
We support you throughout the entire process, we take care of all the bureaucracy and we issue your desired residence permit.

Consulting and Support Services

Residence Permit Consulting

Residence Permit Legal Services

Tax-Accounting Services

Tax Residence Transfer

Bank Account Services

How we can help you

Phase 1: Primary Consultancy on finding the solution that fits your needs

Our support normally begins with consulting sessions before your first visit.
We give you all the necessary guidance and consulting on the preparation and essential paperwork to bring with them that suits your needs.
We provide you with the necessary information about the digital nomad visa, how to apply for it and how and when to apply for a long-term residence once you meet certain criteria after the expiration of the visa.

Phase 2: Preparation about the long term visa issuance

  1.  Support and guide you with the collection of the right documentation.
  2.  We facilitate you and help you to prepare the digital visa application form.
  3.  Explain you all about what the Law indicates about the long or short term visa regarding the residence permit acquisition for your case; help you with the arguments that you have to present in front of the Greek Consulate’s employees and also email you all the assisting documents in order to understand the law and what issues might occur; also have them with you (laws and legislation).


Phase 3: Issuance of the long term European Residence Permit

After you acquire your long term visa, we facilitate you and help you to apply and issue your residence permit.

Phase 4: After the Residency Permit Acquisition

  • Bank Account Opening
  • Tax Support
  • Legal Support
  • Insurance
  • End to end Business Consulting support