Human Capital is the most important Asset of a successful business.
We are very proud of our Team!

Atlas Consulting Team brings together professionals with diverse expertise, both those with proven years of experience in accounting, taxation, employment and legal cases and young experts who develop and integrate innovative technologies in processes so that we provide the best quality of services.
Following 50 years of activity, Atlas Consulting is respectfully positioned in the field of companies providing reliable BPO Services thus Company Formation, Accounting, Tax Support, Payroll, and Consultation Services.

We are much More than experienced Tax Consultants and Accountants;
We are also Entrepreneurs and Your Reliable Business Partner!

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”
Napolean Hill

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
Andrew Carnegie

We take care every single day, promoting teamwork among our team members, offering a modern and enjoyable work environment and promoting a democratic way of corporate governance and equal opportunities.
We spend a lot of time sharing and discussing issues that concern us and our clients. We create a collaborative work environment, with a horizontal management way but with a high code of ethics and values. We ground our success in the selection of our personnel/partners.
Our people are all well-mannered, have high qualities, empathy and are socially active and sensitive.

Our Founder 🙂

Kleanthis Patsoumis is the Founder and President of Atlas Consulting. For 50 consecutive years, he has been active in the profession of Tax Accountant, Economist and Business Consultant. He planted the seed that became the tree called Atlas Consulting.

Our story has its roots back in 1972 – 50 years ago when Mr. Kleanthis started his first business step as a Tax Accountant. He worked hard, constantly upgrading his knowledge, constantly innovating, instilling a love for the subject in his children, who continued his business and transformed that small accounting firm into Atlas Consulting. He retired in 2004 but since then, he contributes consulting to the projects undertaken by the company and of course, he is an excellent Mentor for all of us.

Thank you Mr Kleanthis from the bottom of our heart for your offer, your inspiration, your contribution to everything!

Kleanthis G. Patsoumis

Management Team

Our primary goals as Managing partners of Atlas Consulting are the high quality of client service, building sustainable long-term partnerships taking into account the needs and requirements of both customers and employees.

We are proud to have a team of colleagues that share the same passion for client service and innovations as us.

Sousana Patsoumi Kalfas
I am Sousana Patsoumi Kalfa. I am the Chief Business Officer and the Business Development Manager of Atlas Consulting.
I support SMEs in Starting, Growing their Business in Greece and also Adjusting in the local Business Etiquettes.
Georgios G. Kalfas

I am Giorgos Kalfas. I am the CEO & General Manager of Atlas Consulting for the last 10 years and am also a Certified Tax Accountant and Tax Consultant.

I support SMEs and private clients in Tax Planning, Business Strategy, Company Incorporation as well as in Business Consulting.

Legal Department

Theodoros has great experience in the field of Legal Services and Regulatory compliance. The department he manages guarantees that the business solution complies with global and local requirements and legislation.
teo kalfas Legal Department
Legal and Compliance Manager

Departments - Customer Support Team

Elisabet Terzi
Elisabet Terzi
Companies Formations | Customer Service Specialist
Katerina Nalmpanti
Katerina Nalbanti
Tax & Internal Audit Department   Customer Service Specialist
Nansy Aggelidou
Accounting & Bookkeeping Department Customer Service Specialist
Katerina Topatsi
Accounting & Bookkeeping Department Customer Service Specialist
Sofia Savvoglou
Sofia Savvoglou
Tax & Internal Audit Department   Customer Service Specialist
Anestis Kostakidis
Anestis Kostakidis
Accounting & Bookkeeping Department Customer Service Specialist
Nikoleta Michailovits
Accounting & Bookkeeping Department Customer Service Specialist
Minas Kitsios
Minas Kitsios
Tax & Internal Audit Department   Customer Service Specialist
Maria Hadjiliasi
Maria Hadjiliasi
Accounting & Bookkeeping Department Customer Service Specialist
Aliki Kl. Patsoumi
Aliki Patsoumi
Payroll & HR Department
Customer Service Specialist
Dimitris Mytilinos
Dimitrios Mytilinos
Payroll & HR Department | Customer Service Specialist
Vicky Hatzivasiliadou
Vicky Hatzivasiliadou
Payroll & HR Department | Customer Service Specialist
Panagiotis Anagnostopoulos
Payroll & HR Department
Customer Service Specialist
Eleftheria Pagiannidou
Accounting & Bookkeeping Department Customer Service Specialist
Anna Papadopoulou
Payroll & HR Department | Customer Service Specialist
Garyfallia Ventouri
Athens Branch
Customer Service Specialist
Kyriakos Tramountanelis
Kyriakos Tramountanelis 
Cyprus Representative CPA | Customer Service Specialist
Stavroula Dermentzi
Stavroula Dermentzi
Front Desk & Communications | Customer Service Specialist
Sofia G
Sofia Georgiadou 
Account & Client Relations Officer
Customer Service Specialist
Sofia Malakaki
Account & Client Relations Associate
Customer Service Specialist
Sofia Zoira
Marketing & Communications Associate
Ioannis Karagiotas
Ioannis Karagiotas
Market Research & Data Analysis
Ioannis Melas
Ioannis Melas
Maritime Business Consulting
Elisabeth Werter
International Business Consulting
Ioannis Dionysopoulos
Engineering & Constructions Department

Our Competencies

Company Setups
Payroll & HR
Legal Consulting
Business Development
Multinational Companies
International Business Etiquettes
Immigration Solutions
Maritime Companies Support

Our Values

  • A ccuracy
  • T eamwork
  • L oyalty
  • A ccountability
  • S tewardship
Atlas womenmates
50 years Atlas
50 years atlas consulting
50 years atlas consulting
Giorgos Kalfas awards
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