What are the advantages of the Private Company (PC – IKE)?

There are several advantages that the Private Companies ( PC – IKE)  represents in comparison with other types of greek companies ( in terms of legal entities). Some of them are listed below:
  • Zero capital requirements ( it is not compulsory to have a certain amount of capital like EPE or AE).
  • Quick establishment with minimum expenses and simplified procedure .
  • Provided the Articles comply with the requirements of the Law, they may be drafted accordingly to suit the particular needs of a type of business as well as of its members, enabling the company to be shaped either closer to a partnership or closer to a Societe Anonyme.
  • Very flexible corporate form (meetings can be held through teleconference and abroad, any amendments and changes are made by a private agreement).
  • Corporate documentation may be drafted also in any official EU language.
  • Only the manager and the sole member (in case of a single- membered PC) are subject to compulsory registration at the local insurance organisation (as opposed to all members/ partners in other types of companies).

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