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Atlas Consulting Tax Experts support companies of all legal forms; Sole proprietors, Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Companies, Private Limited Companies, Civil-Law Companies as well as branches of Foreign Companies. Concentrate to your business growth and allow us to take good care of your tax-accounting issues!

Integrated Accounting Solutions, Tailored made for both for your business and your personal needs!

We believe that  your business exists because of your passion and commitment to its growth. Our integrated accounting solutions are structured in a consistent way in order to help you achieve both your business and personal goals.

Our approach is to form a business and accounting team who identify the full range of the client’s needs and then collate the resources to help our client meet those needs. We also understand the importance of providing personal finance solutions to you as an individual. Our holistic client approach is to address the client as a complete entity and to help in meeting all of your business needs.


Keeping control of your accounting obligations, both at home and overseas, requires access to experienced accountants. Atlas Consulting Team is dedicated to helping you comply with the greek reporting requirements. We offer a wide range of accounting related services to help improve your international operations.


Atlas Consulting  can help your entities become and remain compliant with international accounting laws and policies. Legislation and regulations can differ hugely across borders. Using Atlas Consulting Tax Experts, you can stay on top of regulatory changes through having access to a team of qualified accountants who strive to understand your business and help you comply withocal GAAP and IFRS/US GAAP.


Atlas Consulting offers diligent accounting services that come from the right bookkeeping. Our specialised executives update and check all the accounting books and records in accordance with applicable regulations in Greece and they setting the right foundation against any control or business decision. Atlas Consulting meets in full all the Accounting needs of the company, at the highest international standards.

Internal Audit

Atlas Consulting provides internal audit of the annual statutory financial statements using International Standards on Auditing (ISA) by carrying out an independent examination of books, accounts, statutory records, documents and vouchers of an organisation to ascertain as to whether the financial statements as well as non-financial disclosures present a true and fair view and comply with the Companies Act Legislation.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing has emerged as a key tax issue for multinational companies. It is an important driver of shareholder value, providing an opportunity to optimise the value of a business by an effective tax rate. Atlas Consulting will put your company in the best possible position to take advantage of the benefits of globalisation and international structuring.

Due Diligence

Our Due Diligence services include Financial Audit, Business Valuation, Tax Investigation and Legal Preparation for any property acquisition in Greece. Due Diligence Services demonstrate that an investment plan (property or business) has been properly set up and the decisions will be made on an economic and financial basis.

Why to work with Atlas Consulting Experts

48 Years Market Experience
…5 decades of continuous market presence is in fact the proof of highly professional experience and market reliability.
We are business people too
…we communicate effectively with our clients, knowing and understanding their needs because we are businesspeople too.
No Business Borders
...we use modern smart technologies and tools in order to provide our services remotely to any client from Greece or wherever around the Globe.
Exceptional Customer Service
..a highly nimble and effective approach to giving our clients the services they need promptly and genuinely.
Skyrent P.C.

My experience with Atlas Consulting started several months before the incorporation of Skyrent company in Thessaloniki. While Skyrent was just a business project, I was keen to find the best consulting firm for the development of this project. You should know that I do not have my residence in Greece and I do not speak Greek.

After spending some time looking into business directories and on the Internet, I came across Atlas Consulting website. My first good surprise was to discover a website written in English. My second good surprise was to discover Sousana and George. From the first contact I realized that I was talking to professional specialists with high-level expertise.

Sousana and George accompanied me throughout the development of my business project, from the very first step to the last one. They answered all my questions with patience and professionalism. Whether in their office, on the phone, by email or on Skype, they have always been available.Thanks to their effective guidance and support, Skyrent is now a reality.

I recommend Atlas Consulting without reservation to local and foreign entrepreneurs looking for sound advice and efficient support to business creation in Greece.

Atlas Consulting is a Tax & Business Consulting company that provides more that tax filling and compliance services!. The people of A.TL.AS Consulting will stand by you and your company and they will try to cover your business and personal needs holistically.
Every query you have will be answered directly after thorough research and with the help of their knowledge and expertise. In the hard times of greek tax system complexity, A.TL.AS Tax and Business Experts are the most valuable and reliable partner. You can contact them through any means and since they are tech savvy, you can be in any place in the globe and enjoy high quality of tax and business solutions for Greece. I highly recommend A.TL.AS Consulting people!

For the foreigners that have a limited knowledge of greek language and by far limited understanding of the Greex Taxation Law, A.TL.AS  Consulting people are for sure, the moste suitable people to take care of all our tax matters and our annual tax returns.

They have deep knowledge and expertise for international tax planning issues as well as they are able to give us solutions in order to protect our greek property. They are bringing results accurately, immediately and consistently as they speak fluently english, and they transform the frightening tax procedures into an easy and fast solutions for a foreigner . I have no words to express as much as I want, how precious and  useful they are. I strongly recommend A.TL.AS Consulting team!

It is quite demanding for a foreigner to understand the complexity of the Greek Tax System. A.TL.AS Consulting offered me a very smooth and gentle experience regarding my tax obligations in Greece. All the problems that Ι had faced, were solved accurately and effectively.

Healy Consultants Group
Arena Group Testimonial
Elisabeth Werter
EU Ambassador of Female Entrepreneurship/Owner of Salonika International Consultancy

Sousana and Georgos Kalfas are the heart of their company Atlas Consulting. Both are dedicated professionals with different and excellent skills and they have helped my company with valuable advice. Their knowledge is not only updated on the Greek changing reality but also on European tax legislation. They really have helped me with finding the best solutions and informing me well ahead on issues that concern my business.

Furthermore I had the pleasure to work with them as president of the Non-for-Profit organization “The Dutch Greek Society of Northern Greece”. Also in this case both helped at a brainstorm session to solve tax issues concerning the organization of a voluntary workshop.

Last but not least they have the excellent quality of a personal touch and to exceed your expectations.

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