A few words about A.TL.AS Consulting

A.TL.AS Consulting is based in Thessaloniki and provides its services in Greece and abroad. For almost five decades we have been a leader in providing Tax , Accounting , Finance & Consultancy Services.

We are a second generation company, continuing the company founded by Kleanthis Patsoumi (Economist / Certified Tax Advisor, A’Class).

Renamed A.TL.AS Consulting in 2007, upgrading and expanding the areas of activities to service our clients more effectively and holistically, acting as a SMEs One Stop  Tax & Business Solutions Company.

We are not like the conventional Tax Consultants and Accountants.

We go steps further by providing with Business Solutions that help you grow and sustain within the Greek Market and abroad.

It was a great honour for us to be included in the list of Thessaloniki’s Historical Companies. As a second generation company, we pivoted our business concept in 2007 in order to exploit better our business expertise and experience.

Our people are all well educated, fond of continuous personal and professional development and willing to provide exceptional solutions and services.

Our moto: “The Sophisticated Consulting Company, where People Make the Difference”

Working with small and medium-sized businesses who desire:

  • Growth
  • Development,
  • Increased profitability
  • Viable Business model that leads to a Maximized share of the Greek and international market &
  • To be confident of the best tax-accounting operation of their business

The name of our company is A.TL.AS an acronym framing the range of services we provide:

  • Αccounting (Accounting Support and Counselling)
  • Τaxation Law (Tax-law Consulting)
  • Administration Specialists (Business Development consultancy)

Our competitive advantage lies among our attributes; expertise, multi-layer experience and ethics. Due to that, we respond to our customers’ needs with respect, integrity and high standards of professionalism. Our clientele consists of a wide range of client both corporate and individuals from Greek and all over the world!

We are much More than experienced Tax Consultants and Accountants – We are Your Reliable Business Partner

Our Mission

We are the most reliable partner in Greece, with the thorough knowledge and experience in our fields and our professional networks contribute substantially to SMEs growth and profitability through commitment, innovation and accountability.

Our Culture

Our most important asset is our Human Capital; thus we focus on our People’s Personal Development and Progress and also we provide them with the suitable stimuli in order to be up to date in their professional field.

Our faith is that Every human being can be upgraded and be self-improved if he acquires the ‘WE” philosophy instead of ‘ME’ philosophy.,

And that is our Culture, expressed in a phrase!

Our Values

Strong Expertise

Why to choose A.TL.AS Consulting?

45 years of experience in Greek and Global Market,
Hundreds of Happy Customers around the Globe
are more than enough reasons why you must trust us.
Our Customers are trusting us for:
46 Years Market Experience
…5 decades of continuous market presence is in fact the proof of highly professional experience and market reliability
We are businesspeople too
…we communicate effectively with our clients, knowing and understanding their needs because we are businesspeople too
No Geographical Boundaries
...we use modern technologies and smart tools in order to provide our services remotely to any client from Greece or abroad.
Exceptional Customer Service
..a highly nimble and effective approach to giving our clients the services they need promptly and genuinely.

Our History

Our competences

Tax Consulting
Business Consulting
Financial Reporting
International Tax Planning
Business Funding
Business Training
Business Copywriting
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Marketing & Branding
Business Consulting


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+30 210 3004160



Any queries?Do not hesitate, ask us 🙂

We are here to answer any of your questions and find solution to any problem!

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